“Sinners in the Hands of an angry blog” the precious namesake of this blog, is a reference to the most popular sermon ever preached in America, “Sinners in the Hands of an angry God”. This sermon was preached by the Reformed Revivalist with a Puritan ethic and a philosophical thinktank of a mind,  Jonathan Edwards.

He’s my favorite theologian and has had quite the influence on my own theology.

About Me

I became a Christian at 18, you can read my testimony here. I love to read and apologetics kinda stemmed out of that.
My name is Tony and I’m currently studying religious studies for an associate degree, with the intention to get a bachelors in ancient history and classic literature.

What Do The Images on Your Site Mean?

The picture above is of Jonathan Edwards, who is the inspiration for the blog.

The image below stands for “Abolish Human Abortion”. I want to make clear that I take Douglas Wilson’s position on Immediatism and I don’t agree 100 percent with people who identify under the same logo. However, we are all agreed on an important principle, Abortion must end.

Warning: I try to be funny

I like to make jokes and I have a sarcasm that rivals the Prophet Elijah, if humor doesn’t appeal to you I may not be your cup of tea. But whenever you go to an Ivory Towery Scholar type, it gets boring and dryer than the Sahara desert when trying to read about a topic, even if it’s interesting to me. I think we should inject personality into our writing, whether you’re a professional or just a layman like me.  My friends and I like to call this type of apologetics, “ApoLOLgetics.”

Statement of Faith

This isn’t meant to be exhaustive, I’m only trying to give you an idea of what you’re getting into when you read my blog.

I Affirm

The Trinity
The Athanasian, Nicene, and Chalcedonian Creeds.
The Five Solas
The Five Points of Calvinism
Theistic Evolution
The Divine Council
(will be updated)


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