Evan has written a response to my response to his response of my response, this will now be my response to that. Evan starts off by accusing me of misrepresentation. Evan asks how he is presupposing a universal salvific will an then answers his own question when he says he assumes the text is universal … Read More

A few days ago, I responded to an article written on Cerebral Faith by Evan Minton. He has now responded to my response, so I will now respond to his response of my response. Under the subheading of “preliminary issues” Evan merely restates some basic Arminian presuppositions on John 3:16 but concedes that “All I’ll … Read More

Evan Minton, of cerebral faith has a great zeal for the Lord, he is a studious man and I believe he really thinks what he writes on his blog. Evan and I go way back, when I use to blog on a blogspot platform too! Evan had mentioned a few times personally that he didn’t … Read More

“Shut Up, Wesley!” [1]  John Wesley, the 18th-century Anglican preacher, was one of the best Arminianism ever had to offer. For awhile, I thought Wesley was tame in his rhetoric when it came to Calvinism. However, I was very wrong, despite Wesley being a very intelligent man, he sounds like a rabid internet Arminian in several … Read More

“The only consistent Arminian is an Open Theist” – Dr. James White[1] While the quote above may sound like just a bit of Calvinist rhetoric, there is actually a lot of truth to that statement. Now, anyone can say X belief leads to Y belief, but I think there is a convincing case that the … Read More

One of the most frequent annoyances I have with theological debates is not necessarily the debates themselves, but the lack of proper usage of descriptors for theological positions. Calvinism being confused for fatalism being first and foremost in my mind. However, even some of my fellow Calvinists find a way to do something just as … Read More

Luis De Molina, hearing his name might make you shudder, rocking slowly back and forth saying “subjunctive conditionals” and “Middle Knowledge” while watching a Dr. William Lane Craig lecture. However, Molina was an interesting figure. First some background on Luis De Molina. He was more Protestant than you might think. Now, I’m a Calvinist, so … Read More