Faith Vs. Fact, a provocative title to catch the attention of the reader. Like clickbait, I found that this book was all style and no substance. Now, to avoid the impression that this college freshman is critiquing someone well-studied in their field as if he knows better, I’m not purporting to know more than Dr. … Read More

When I first became a Christian, the first Bible I received was the King James Version. The verse that had me get on my knees to ask Jesus to save me was in the King James English of Isaiah 1:18. The reason I’m prefacing with this little glimpse in my life is to illustrate that … Read More

A popular story from the Bible has become the excuse of lazy thinkers for hundreds of years. This story is the account given in Genesis, where supposedly, a snake talks to a human being in presumably the human’s language and deceives them. The a priori assumption of the scoffer is that obviously, snakes do not … Read More

It doesn’t take too long for anyone to notice that religion in general is mocked and remarked as a belief for the unintelligent. Atheists are thought as the Rick and Morty TV show level higher intellect while the Christian is the normie causal. However, contrary to the atheistic rhetoric regarding Christianity and the Bible’s teachings, … Read More

After any serious incident that befalls mankind, many turn to social media to show their support, whether they say “thoughts and prayers” or change their profile picture to the flag of the country in need. Both of these methods have rightly been criticized, but in one instance, I think they’re throwing the baby out with … Read More

1. Questioning The Faith of Christians Over This Issue Whether it’s the age of the earth, if the seven days were 24-hour periods or climate change, none of these issues are salvation issues, they aren’t even necessarily theological issues, but scientific issues with theological implications.  The exception being the seven days, that should be understood in … Read More

Charles Darwin, the Atheist’s hero and the Neo-Ussherian’s nightmare. Darwin lived a pretty full life, dying at the age of 73 in 1882. If you think Evolution is a controversy now, it was even more so then. Nowadays, Scientists have way more evidence and technology to come to their conclusions that simply remained speculative in … Read More