Sexism, that word has almost lost its meaning with the rise of third-wave feminism. However, this in no way suggests that it doesn’t exist. I don’t identify as a feminist, however they do have a point that sexism is a problem in 21st-century society. This issue isn’t contained to one particular group, I’m only focusing … Read More

Evan has written a response to my response to his response of my response, this will now be my response to that. Evan starts off by accusing me of misrepresentation. Evan asks how he is presupposing a universal salvific will an then answers his own question when he says he assumes the text is universal … Read More

A few days ago, I responded to an article written on Cerebral Faith by Evan Minton. He has now responded to my response, so I will now respond to his response of my response. Under the subheading of “preliminary issues” Evan merely restates some basic Arminian presuppositions on John 3:16 but concedes that “All I’ll … Read More

Evan Minton, of cerebral faith has a great zeal for the Lord, he is a studious man and I believe he really thinks what he writes on his blog. Evan and I go way back, when I use to blog on a blogspot platform too! Evan had mentioned a few times personally that he didn’t … Read More

If all infants are saved, why is abortion wrong? The objection may sound familiar to you but it can’t handle basic scrutiny. Even if all aborted babies go to heaven, this would not make the method morally right, just as we shouldn’t support the murder of adult Christians, we shouldn’t support the murder of babies … Read More

“The only consistent Arminian is an Open Theist” – Dr. James White[1] While the quote above may sound like just a bit of Calvinist rhetoric, there is actually a lot of truth to that statement. Now, anyone can say X belief leads to Y belief, but I think there is a convincing case that the … Read More

If you’ve had the privilege of being in some Calvinist/Reformed groups, you might have noticed a odd fascination with being Reformed. Wanting to be Reformed is all fine and dandy but we run into a few problems when it becomes a trend instead of a deep commitment to the word of God. To be Reformed … Read More

A few years ago, Rachel Held Evans released a piece on her website titled “Why Calvinism makes me cry.” Upon first reading the title, I was admittedly rolling my eyes and sighing at the existence of such an article. This is because one of the major critiques that Calvinists typically bring up is that theology … Read More

What makes one a coward? Well, if you google the definition for coward you get this. Now, what exactly do these so-called cowardly Calvinists not have the courage to do? Well, they don’t have the courage to “Call Arminianism Heresy.”[1]   Us Calvinists who aren’t willing to damn the majority of Arminians are said to be … Read More