The Curious Case of Count Dankula

A grievous miscarriage of justice has occurred in Scotland, Count Dankula, Internet comedian and dank memer, has been found guilty of a hate crime. Surely, to be imprisoned he must have done something really bad. Well, what he did was teach his girlfriend’s dog how to raise his paw to do a Nazi salute. His girlfriend always commented on how cute the dog was, so just to have a bit of fun, he turned the dog into something ugly, which he himself says.

“I thought I’d turn him into the least cute thing I could think of, a nazi.”

Nazi jokes are all over the internet, this certainly isn’t new. Imagine for a moment, that Adolf Hitler was resurrected from the dead and was told about how the allied forces react to Nazism in 2018. Do you think he would be more pleased that they fear, imprison and dare not joke about them? Or would he be more pleased that Nazi is an edgy teen joke that has been reduced to obscurity? I don’t know about you, but If I was a pioneer of an ideology, I would think it worse that it turned into a bottom of the barrel joke.

So, Scotland, under the U.K.’s hate speech laws, has deemed a joke against the Nazi’s expense, hate speech. Ironically enough, Hitler would agree with this decision. It is perfectly consistent with his fascist ideology.

So, you could argue that his joke was tasteless or dumb, but calling it hate speech is ridiculous and making it illegal is an assault on freedom of speech. As an American, I am astonished this was taken seriously as a case.