Just How Reformed Is Reformed Epistemology?

You may have heard of something called “Reformed Epistemology” and perhaps you’re wondering what it is. Maybe you’re Reformed yourself and wonder why you’ve never even heard of Reformed Epistemology. In any case, let’s define what it is before evaluating the historicity of such an idea. Reformed Epistemology (Hereafter, RE) is the thesis that religious… read more »

Did Darwin Repent?

Charles Darwin, the Atheist’s hero and the Neo-Ussherian’s nightmare. Darwin lived a pretty full life, dying at the age of 73 in 1882. If you think Evolution is a controversy now, it was even more so then. Nowadays, Scientists have way more evidence and technology to come to their conclusions that simply remained speculative in… read more »

Why Rachel Held Evans Makes Me Cry

A few years ago, Rachel Held Evans released a piece on her website entitled “Why Calvinism makes me cry.” Upon first reading the title, I was admittedly rolling my eyes and sighing at the existence of such an article. This is because one of the major critiques that Calvinists typically bring up is that theology… read more »

“Cowardly Calvinists”

What makes one a coward? Well, if you google the definition for coward you get this. Now, what exactly do these so-called cowardly Calvinists not have the courage to do? Well, they don’t have the courage to “Call Arminianism Heresy.”[1]   Us Calvinists who aren’t willing to damn the majority of Arminians are said to be… read more »

The Arminian Abuse of Molina

Luis De Molina, hearing his name might make you shudder, rocking slowly back and forth saying “subjunctive conditionals” and “Middle Knowledge” while watching a Dr. William Lane Craig lecture. However, Molina was an interesting figure. First some background on Luis De Molina. He was more Protestant than you might think. Now, I’m a Calvinist, so… read more »

Jonathan Edwards: The Witch Hunter?

It was April 18th, I had just started to relax, browsing the internet as usual, When I came upon a blog post while searching for some history around the Salem Witch Trials. The trials have been an interest of mine for awhile now, so I decided to look at it in depth. But what I… read more »

Why Mary is Theotokos

Mary is the Mother of Jesus, not God!”[1] says the evangelical, overreacting to popish claims. It is really a shame that anything that sounds remotely Roman Catholic like “Theotokos” is rejected, the point of the Reformation was not to get rid of everything the Roman church has done but to get rid of its excesses… read more »

“Calvinism is F***ing Stupid” My Testimony

November 13, 2011. it was the year I graduated high school. Christ saved this foul-mouthed, video game addict (I’m talking about at least 12 hours a day of playing) bisexual agnostic. I was baptized in the local river that was unforgivingly cold but I didn’t care. As I was shaking from the temperature, listening as… read more »

Christian Cliques: The Sin of Peter

Picture this: you aren’t allowed to sit at the lunch table because you’re new. Gossip surrounds your backstory and people talk without knowing a thing about you. This is far too often the story of Christians in social groups, we tend to form cliques. When you can’t distinguish between Christian fellowship and the movie Mean… read more »

When an Apologetic Career is Not For You

Wanting to defend the faith is a valiant cause worthy of respect. It takes long hours of studying and dedication, you need passion and determination for the truth.While every Christian should be well-versed in apologetics, not every Christian should make apologetics their career. Do not view this as a personal attack if it applies to… read more »