Does Calvinism Create More Jerks?

Reformed theology, the only thing that could be called rationalistic and the accuser think it’s actually insulting. Adherents of Reformed theology are accused of being jerks full of pettiness, hatred, lovers of lasciviousness, and willing to argue about anything, anytime.

While the truth value above could be true of a few, I think it is a skewed picture, but the accusations above also assume too much. The 5 points of Calvinism and being confessional are both good things. However, you can cling to your confession all you want, you can scream the five points from the rooftops or type furiously at the Arminian about the doctrines of grace, but if this knowledge of God as absolutely sovereign doesn’t change your life, it does you no good.

Time and time again, I find myself in the sad predicament of watching reformed professing Christians apostatize just like any professing postmodernist. Whether it was just what they were taught at birth, or their fickleness, or evanescent grace, only God knows. But this is the reason I have a problem with the stereotype that Calvinists are jerks. Despite caricatures against our belief system, we do not believe we are some special Aryan race, we do not believe we are better than anyone else, and we not believe God choose us because we were special. If the Father chose by merit no mere man would have been chosen. Calvinists aren’t jerks, Arminians aren’t jerks, Humans are jerks.

When I was an Arminian believer, reading Wesley and debating Calvinists on the internet, I thought that Calvinists were jerks, I bought into the stereotype and it shaped the way I saw my brothers and sisters in Christ. But then I realized something, the people on my side could be jerks too. Being a jerk isn’t exclusively a Calvinist thing, or even a theology thing, it’s a human thing.

The reality is we are terrible people who need the gospel. If us Calvinists claim to believe the doctrines of grace and are arrogant, impatient with others and hateful, we are being inconsistent with what we believe.

Examine yourself, if you are judging others, surely you’re willing to apply the same standard to yourself, right?

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