I Apologize for Christian Apologetics

To the Skeptic, Unbeliever, Agnostic etc.

I apologize for Christian apologetics. The state in which they are argued is phenomenally poor and I regret that this is the case. I felt the need to apologize after seeing years worth of cringe-worthy arguments. You see, in some Christian circles there is an under-emphasis on personal responsibility, people think God will do the work for them and they don’t need to study or actually try when it comes to the faith.

Whether they’re misinformed, intellectually lazy or merely a practical fatalist depends on the person. The fact of the matter is a lot of Christian apologetics are really bad.

We could talk about the God’s not dead movies or the infamous Ray Comfort banana video, but I’m talking about the everyday apologetic to the lost that he/she shares on social media, with their coworkers, and their family.

A few examples should suffice and give you a picture of my reasoning for lament.

Appeal To Absurd Miracles

Now, if you’re an atheist or agnostic, you may think all miracles are absurd. However, these so-called miracles I’m about to list are so bad that fellow Christians have rightly called them out as being falsehoods. These would include things like Stigmatas.

Stigmatas are wounds experienced by the believer similar to that of Jesus. There are problems with this. First, the wounds are not accurate, the spear wounds have been reported to be on either side of the person. Also, the nail wound seems to always occur in the palm, rather than the wrist, which is the normal place to put a nail during Roman Crucifixion, The wounds just so happen to correlate to paintings of Jesus’ Crucifixion rather than what the Bible and history tell us of the Crucifixion. Then we have St. Francis of Assisi, the first of the stigmata bearers, who had the nails still in the holes! The Catholic Encyclopedia states:

None are known prior to the thirteenth century. The first mentioned is St. Francis of Assisi, in whom the stigmata were of a character never seen subsequently; in the wounds of feet and hands were excrescences of flesh representing nails, those on one side having round back heads, those on the other having rather long points, which bent back and grasped the skin.

It seems to be, that perhaps it is possible that this was a self-inflicted wound. The Stigmata is not a biblical occurrence nor has it ever been scientifically verified as anything but something acted upon by another physical agent, such as acid.

Other silly miracles come to mind, Jesus or Mary on a window or a piece of toast.

Really Bad Arguments

  1. If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?
  2. If God doesn’t exist, explain the sunrise!
  3. It’s a 50/50, If I’m right, I go to heaven and you go to hell. If you’re right we both share the ground six feet under!
  4. Neo-Ussherianism as a whole.When we present arguments such as these, can we really in good conscience expect to be taken seriously?

Sometimes we are sore losers

Debates shouldn’t be about winning the argument for the Christian, but rather to make an impact and play a role. The Bible uses a parable of the process much like planting. Someone plants the seed in the ground, another few water the seed and take care of it while it blooms. Perhaps they take the necessary precautions so the plant doesn’t die in the cold winter.

However, when Christians try to do it all when they aren’t equipped they can come off as arrogant, unkind, and unintelligent.

I Apologize for Christian Apologetics.

We Christians need to up the standards, laymen need to study and perhaps some of them get a degree, there are some tips on apologetics here. We need to be kind and not treat them as just someone who rejects Christianity, but a human being.

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