No Dick, No Discussion

Imagine having your opinion on a matter automatically invalidated because of your gender. Imagine if someone unironically thought you needed some type of “penis perception” to understand a problem.

Sure, experience can provide insights that someone may have not thought of, however, it seems absurd to say that because someone hasn’t gone through an experience that they’re incapable of coming to the right conclusion on the subject.

My gentalia doesn’t give me the in on the gnostic knowledge, so why then do some act like it does?

I’m talking about those who in all seriousness reject someone’s argument with “No Uterus, No Opinion”.

Of course, this is just sexist rhetoric, because if someone with a uterus came with the same opinion as the man, they would be accused of just trying to impress men or that they’re brainwashed by the patriarchy to be self-hating.

These radical idealogues seem to promote diversity everywhere, except intellectual diversity. If a black man doesn’t agree, he’s an Uncle Tom. If an Asian doesn’t agree, he’s an honorary white. The list goes on and on. Gender Gnosticism as James White so aptly named it, is the eternal shifting of the goal posts.

If we drop sexist litmus tests for discussions, we might reach a middle ground.

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