Picking On The Wrong Flower: BTWN’s Hit Piece on Leighton

The Bible Thumping Wingnut released an article, a hit piece rather, on Dr. Leighton Flowers a few days ago. So like I did with William Lane Craig, I must defend someone who I don’t agree with soteriologically.

However, when articles like this come from my fellow Monergists, I can’t help but be embarrassed by proxy. They claim that Dr. Flowers says “God is not eternally sovereign” notice that this is an entirely different claim than saying his theological system doesn’t account for sovereignty. Rather, they’re making a claim that Leighton believes X, when he doesn’t. This is blatant misrepresentation.

The frightening thing about Leighton Flowers is the fact that he knows what he is doing. He knows what the Bible says about these doctrines but refuses to believe those verses because he actually does have his own idea of God.

What is actually frightening is the amount of bias rhetoric against Dr. Flowers put forward by BTWN. While you sit in your armchair, claiming to know the thoughts and intentions of this man, I think the fair reader will notice this is nothing more than “give me points cause I defended our team!”

Just because I’m not an Arminian doesn’t mean I accept any critique of Arminianism as valid, in fact, in my experience, many Calvinists wouldn’t be able to properly define Arminianism without one-liners. This is because Calvinism grew culturally at a very rapid rate and many who called themselves Calvinists were not convinced through rational means, but rather peer-pressure or wanting to be like the cool kids with the Calvin T-Shirts. (Not knocking it, I own a Calvin T-Shirt.)

The rise of Calvinism became largely a fad, though I’m thankful it came, because I was convinced by it. I’m also thankful in a way that many people are leaving Calvinism, I’d much rather have an honest Arminian than a Calvinist who is a Calvinist in name only.

BTWN, you claim Leighton bashes Calvinism to an obsessive level, I tend to agree, Leighton talks about Calvinism an awful lot. However, you’re far worse when you post hit pieces on him.

My defense of Dr. Flowers is not me saying I agree with him or that I think every critique of Calvinism he has is valid, it’s merely defending him from false accusations from my side of the table that we’re all sitting at.

They want so badly to label dissenters heretics, it just doesn’t work like that. Dr. Flowers debated James White, they’ve done podcasts about each other, yet have you seen White call Flowers “a heretic” or “not a Christian?” no in fact, he said on his dividing line podcast, he believes Leighton is a Christian.

If you won’t hear it from me, hear it from an elder in the Faith, who’s been doing the Calvinism thing a lot longer than all of us.

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