The Rise of Gender Gnosticism

You can’t possibly know about female issues if you aren’t one! We have the secret knowledge of…anecdotes.

It has become quite popular to exclude thinking from circles due to arbitrary standards. Though this applies to both genders, I will be focusing on the rhetoric of the “No Uterus, No Opinion” crowd. For an analysis on male gender gnosticism, view this article.

I never understood the validity of a truth claim being tied to someone’s gender. Surely, there is experiential knowledge and we can talk about properly basic beliefs and epistemology, but 9 times out of 10, that isn’t what the person is arguing, no, it is far more simplistic than that.

You have male genitalia, therefore you can’t have the right opinion on women’s issues. This would explain why you would come to such poor conclusions such as being Pro-Life or against businesses being forced to provide birth control.

I had always thought that they’d at least accept someone who was on their team, so to speak. A male who agreed with their conclusions. Even these men are in danger of the gender gnostic ridicule. They will hear statements like “male allies are still men.” “It’s not your place to fight for us.” It is typically a lose-lose situation.

The idea that there is a secret knowledge that only certain people can attain is not new. The apostles in the NT dealt with gnostics trying to corrupt the new testament with their fake gospels and new revelations. These gnostics are implicity doing that, but more explicitly, they’re challenging the perceived male-dominated culture.

The problem with this is that it is not logically coherent. For example, the Pro-Life debate is not contingent on the feelings or experiential knowledge of being pregnant. Even though many of these same people who say men have no say because they can’t be pregnant are fine with a woman identifying as a man and saying they’re pregnant.

When you narrow the debate to what you feel and what you have experienced you have developed an unfalsifiable hypothesis. Of course I’m not going to pretend I know what it’s like to be pregnant or have a period. But just because you go through these things doesn’t mean you’re automatically right about women’s issues.

There are plenty of women who disagree with each other on women’s issues. They have a uterus, so do they get an opinion? Well, not really. “They’re self-hating women, you see, because they don’t agree with me.”

The Gender Gnostic is at least consistent in ascribing secret knowledge to themself that is inherent in their gender and also being able to read if the person is self-hating or not.

Does the Female gender gnostic consistently believe that circumcision is a man issue that they can’t have an opinion on?

You can have an opinion on anything you want but there is a difference between an informed opinion and an uniformed opinion. Someone who has done their research but happens to be the wrong gender should not be disqualified from discussion.

I do think there is value in experiential knowledge, I’m more than willing to hear a woman tell me about their struggles with womanhood. However, my lack of not having that struggle doesn’t disqualify me from saying “Hey, you shouldn’t kill that life inside you.”

Gnosticism has risen, who will challenge it?

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