The Ten Commandments of Blogging

Thou Shalt Not Plagiarize 

Plagiarizing is intellectually dishonest and takes credit from the work other people do.

Thou Shalt Not Write Fluff

Cotton Candy writing, where you use as many words as possible to make that word count like a college student working on an essay is annoying, boring and a waste of time.

Thou Shalt Cite Sources 

When you don’t cite what you’re responding to, it makes you look unprofessional and gives your reader no confidence in your honesty integrity and analysis.

Thou Shalt Not Curse Out Your Opponents 

Atheists might curse you out, but as Christians we shouldn’t call each other naughty words not fit for our Christian minecraft servers.

Thou Shalt Accept Correction 

If you’re proven wrong on a subject, admit it and retract it. Don’t become the fake news of Christian apologetics.

Thou Shalt Not Write Blog Series
Blog series are long, draw-out fluff-filled pieces meant to get more clicks to a blog.

Thou Shalt Not Share Your Blog to Every Group On Earth 

Only share your blog in groups where it would make sense, or groups that allow people to share their blogs.

Thou Shalt Not Turn Off Comments 

It makes you look bad when you turn off comments, you don’t have to read them all but making it impossible for people to respond to you or to each other is only going to work towards your detriment It’s good to hear other people’s opinions.

Thou Shalt Not Sell Things When Thou Hastn’t Made It 

If you’re not even in the top million on the Alexa Traffic Ranking, you probably shouldn’t be selling T-Shirts with your logo on it or books that you’ve written. It comes off as amateurish.

Thou Shalt Not Make An Apologetic Blog Your Career 

Having a career in Apologetics sounds nice but there are a variety of factors that need to come into play. Credentials is an important one. If you aren’t studying theology in college or have some type of credential, people typically won’t take you seriously. Apologetics as a career successfully I might add, is about as likely as becoming an NFL player.

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