Why Are Christians So Stupid?

It doesn’t take too long for anyone to notice that religion in general is mocked and remarked as a belief for the unintelligent. Atheists are thought as the Rick and Morty TV show level higher intellect while the Christian is the normie causal.

However, contrary to the atheistic rhetoric regarding Christianity and the Bible’s teachings, the Bible actually does not support blind faith or questioning. The Bible has a prescriptive command in 1 Thessalonians 5:21 and I wish it were the motto of everyone today. It is actually fairly similar to the motto of many atheists, who use “question everything” as a sort of slogan for their free-thinking campaigns. The Bible tells Christians to “Test Everything”, you can probably see the similarities by now.

The Bible also encourages people to gain knowledge (Proverbs 18:15). You see, the only way to characterize Christianity as inherently illogical is to admit your a priori assumption is that all faith is illogical. However, In my opinion and in my experience, many atheists don’t even try to attempt to validate this assumption. Once an atheist does in fact provide some reasoning for why faith is inherently irrational, without separating faith and confidence (Con Fide = With Faith and is a synonym of faith) I’ll be happy to consider this argument instead of brushing it off as rhetoric.

When you drink water, you have confidence/faith that it’s not poisoned, you make that assumption based on the surrounding facts, but you do not check those facts every single time you drink a glass. We assume a lot of things in our life, we all have properly basic beliefs.

So, if you’re going to come out with “Christians are dumb lolz” rhetoric, at least do me a favor and validate your epistemology with argumentation.

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