Why You Should Stop Writing Blog Post Series (Part 2)

Blog Post series have been a popular trend for years, but I think it’s increasing, at least in my Facebook news feed it seems to be increasing.

A person who writes in series usually does this because they think they can draw more views to their blog. The readers of part 1 for example will be just so anxious to read part 2 of your scintillating content.

Another reason is perhaps the topic is a wide range of sub-topics and would make for a long post, however, a long post is better than seven separate 1,000 word fluff-filled surface level writing. You can fit the flow of the article without having to recap every new post to inform the person who clicks on part 2 that he now has to navigate his way to part 1 to understand the connection.

I personally will only read a series if the topic is very interesting to me, because I despise them. Just like the tactic to write a blog post that has “click next page” so the writer can boost up his views per visitor, series are used as a tactic to artificially boost your view count.

Fortunately for you, I will never write a blog series. You won’t have to wait a week to read part 2 than another week to read part 3, in which you will probably forget vapid writing and have to read part 1 again, more views!!

I know my audience, so I know you have all seen Shrek 2 where Shrek states to the people he just stole clothes from

“Thank you, gentlemen! Someday, I will repay you. Unless, of course, I can’t find you or if I forget.” (Do I need to cite this? I mean, you already own the movie on DVD)

May I suggest to you fine people, that there will be people who read part 1 with interest but never see part 2 because they forget? Sure, you can share the crap out of it, but you have to be really good for anyone to want to read part 2 on a topic, especially if it’s a well-covered topic covered by bigger names in one singular post.

Intentionally short posts are just as low-energy as long drawn out fluff posts.

Now, if you write blog series, I don’t hate you, I hate your sin.

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